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The following information is provided by NATO:

On Tuesday , September 29th ,  the Anchorage Assembly will consider an ordinance to amend the excise tax on tobacco products to include e-cigarettes and other vapor products during a public hearing. The Municipality of Anchorage’s tax rate on “other tobacco products” is currently 55% of the wholesale price and this ordinance would authorize and levy that tax rate on e-cigarettes and vaping products.  It exempts substitutes prescribed by a licensed physician for tobacco use cessation or harm reduction.  This item was carried over from the Assembly meeting on September 15th

Anchorage Assembly Meeting Details:

–Date:  Tuesday, September 29th  
–Time: 5:00 PM
– Location:  Virtual Meeting* / Live Streaming and Archived meetings/Podcasts at  

Talking Points to Oppose Local Taxes:

  • Due to COVID-19, retailers (many of whom were deemed “essential businesses” months ago) are experiencing a loss of 45% in gasoline sales and up to 20% of losses or more in grocery, snack, beverage and tobacco sales.
  • Additional local taxes will force adult customers to drive to find products elsewhere or on the internet. 
  • Anchorage retailers will lose important revenue when shoppers get products elsewhere. 

Take Action today: 

  1. Contact your local legislators before the hearing:
    1. Call and email your elected officials (contact information below)
    2. Go to the NLAA Take Action Website: ALASKA
  2. Attend the virtual hearing and speak out
  3. Notify other retailers and association members and encourage them to take action


*HOW TO TESTIFY: Due to current federal, state, and local health department guidance and emergency measures, the number of people allowed in the Assembly Chambers will be limited. Please check the Assembly website at  ( ) to see protocols on testifying in person. The Assembly encourages anyone wishing to provide Public Testimony on public hearing items to email written comments to   (mailto: ) by 2:00 p.m. the day of the meeting. These comments will become part of the meeting record. In the subject line of the email, please tell us which agenda item you are providing testimony for (Example: 13.A. Ordinance No. AO 2020-15 or Audience Participation for non-public hearing items). If you wish to provide testimony on the phone, email  (mailto: ) by 2:00 p.m. the day of the meeting with your Name, Phone Number, Agenda Item Number/Title for which you wish to provide.


Contact the Anchorage Assembly: 





Christopher Constant


(907) 343-4112

Crystal Kennedy


(907) 343-4113 

Jamie Allard


(907) 343-4114

Austin Quinn-Davidson


(907) 343-4116

Kameron Perez-Verdia


(907) 343-4115

Felix Rivera


(907) 764-0841

Meg Zaletel


(907) 343-4117

Forrest Dunbar


(907) 343-4119

Pete Petersen


(907) 240-1049

Suzanne LaFrance


(907) 351-7199

Josh Weddleton


(907) 770-0685

Anchorage Assembly Email:


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