Beware of Hotel Scams!

Be aware of hotel scamming companies. These companies may call you to ask about your hotel rooms for TPE. These companies are NOT affiliated with TPE.

Exhibitor Sales & Sponsorships

Premium Tobacco/Alternative/General Merchandise

Carly Terrier

(805) 603-9442 (Available EST)

Alternative/General Merchandise

Chéla Nicholson

(805) 328-1248 (Available EST)

Exhibitor Logistics

Exhibitor Products & Service

Shepard Exposition Service
(866) 366-7428 (Available PST)
(792) 507-5278 (Available PST)

Booth Design & Installment

Attendee Registration & Support

Attendee Liaison

Unique Carper
(805) 660-6821 (Available EST)

General Inquiries


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