2024 Education Seminars and PowerPoints

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Through educational sessions and workshops, TPE ensures that you are well-informed about industry trends, regulatory updates, and business strategies. Our education sessions empower professionals to navigate through challenges and capitalize on opportunities.


Industry Outlook:
The Path Ahead

What is the current state of Tobacco Regulation and what product trends are driving the industry.


Four Pillars of a Sound
PMTA Strategy

How sound Legal, Science, Manufacturing and Marketing approaches are mission-critical to a sufficient filing strategy.



Lessons learned from the ongoing PMTA process and the Top 10 filing mistakes to avoid.



The Essential Value of Good Suppliers

How to identify and select the right suppliers as a part of your PMTA and what to do if you need to change suppliers along the way.




Q&A from Morning Session

Morning session speakers answer questions from a Moderator and the Audience.

Tamarind Intelligence

Marketing & Product Intelligence

Essential guidance and data-based strategic insights for making informed business decisions in this rapidly changing tobacco, nicotine, alternative and adjacent product categories.

MARC Research

Making the Switch

Understanding the reasons why adult tobacco users are adopting reduced-risk products and which product categories are winning.

Charlie’s Holdings

Creating Great Products In An Increasingly Regulated Market

Learn how one brand is driving product innovation and market success within the current regulatory environment.